Weekly Whorings VI

It. Has. Been. More. Than. A. Weeeeeeek. I’m sorry to everyone/anyone who reads these, but I’ve gone on a mini-hiatus of sorts. I hope to break it with this post here. So, if I still remember how these things go, いきましょう! ・Perfume: I’ve been slacking on my Perfume love more than I ever should. I don’t … Continue reading

LIGHTS & Owl City / Everybody Breaks a Glass / Growing Up

The wait for LIGHTS’s epic new studio album is nearing its end. I can see the light(s) at the end of the tunnel. *shot* No seriously, the grueling wait is almost over and I, along with the rest of the LIGHTSarmy, couldn’t be more excited (I’d be more excited if I knew the freaking name … Continue reading

LIGHTS & Owl City / Deer In The Headlights MV / Togetherness

Another half-assed post. Har har. This is the last one, I swear. Back to ones that take 4 years to write next time. It shouldn’t be a secret that I am a huge fan of LIGHTS. She may very well be my biggest celebrity crush (Who isn’t a plastic-faced, yet ridiculously sexy Korean chick). The … Continue reading