Weekly Whorings VI

It. Has. Been. More. Than. A. Weeeeeeek. I’m sorry to everyone/anyone who reads these, but I’ve gone on a mini-hiatus of sorts. I hope to break it with this post here. So, if I still remember how these things go, いきましょう! ・Perfume: I’ve been slacking on my Perfume love more than I ever should. I don’t … Continue reading

Weekly Whorings V

・Perfume: I definately have a strong attachment to Kasuka na Kaori. I think the reason for the is because it gets so little recognition. Maybe that’s because it’s more idol-y than the normal Perfume song. Maybe it’s because they never promoted the damn song and they just promoted Laser Beam. Maybe it’s because I was … Continue reading

Weekly Whorings IV

・Perfume: You seriously have no idea how much I love Perfume’s current era. This time, I’d say Laser Beam got quite a bit of love. I just love the dance to that song so much… I really need to finish learning it too. But regardless, I just love it. Fun fact, it was never actually intended … Continue reading