Perfume / chemical love / Trolololol


(Please keep in mind, this is not an actual release.)

A certain Mr. Tokumaspy has been doing his fair share of trolling. He’s leaked a track list for a new Perfume album coming out in our immediate future. After hearing this, you are probably probably shocked and confused, wondering “JAMES, WHY ARE YOU NOT HAVING AN ALL CAPS FANGASM RN!?” Well, that already happened… And then ended after about 4 seconds. After looking at the track list, it’s obvious that it’s fake. However, this post is not about whether or why the release is real or not. If you want those details, you need this post. Cool lady with a cool blog, check her out. However, this is I JUST WANNA XXX YOU. We do things a bit differently here. I am going to be disregarding trolling that may be going on and just look at the track list as if it were a real one. It’s just a track list, so there’s not too much to say, but it’s Perfume – I’ve always got something to say about these girls’ (or rather, their label’s) shenanigans. Let’s take a closer look , shall we?

Here’s the wikipedia page with the track list (Yep. It has one.) (EDIT: IT HAD ONE. It’s been properly edited. I did sneakily take a screenshot, though).

Concerning lovefool (extended mix) – TOKUMA, Y U NO LET ME HAVE NICE THINGS??

Concerning FAKE IT (album mix) – Let me say right now that FAKE IT is easily one of Perfume’s best songs. In my opinion, it’s edgier than edge. I don’t know, a lot of people seem to think it sounds too poppy to be compared to edge. It is more of a pop song, but there is nothing light-hearted about that sharp chorus and those ridiculously hot verses. I think they were just comparing it to the bombastic intro. Anyway, the point I am trying to make here are two ways this song can go, hardcore electro like the intro or electro-pop like the majority of the song, and I’m really interested to see which route this one will be taking. Personally, I say don’t touch this flawless track.

Concerning ジェット – A long, long, long time ago on contemode, a rumor was posted about a new Perfume single called Black Light. This was to be the first single after Triangle and was to be released in November or so (I still remember it because I was so heart broken that it never was…). However, it obviously never happened, and the void of Perfume releases until mid 2010 was created. Interestingly enough, the B-side to this phony single was entitled ジェット (Jet). I’m not sure if this hints to the other song, Black Light, or not. If it’s for a Kirin commercial though, I am jumping off a bridge. Whoever wants to join me can.

Concerning 不自然なガール & ダイヤモンドガール (Fushizen na Girl and Diamond Girl) – Okay, this is redonk. Seriously, two “*Adjective* Girl” songs. You can’t escape these tracks, I swear to God. My only guess is that Tokuma realized that they didn’t meet their quota and didn’t have one on Triangle and are making up for it with this new album. That’s seriously the only thing I can think of when I see these two tracks on the same album.

Concerning TECHNO NIGHT – This song mystifies me. It’s clearly a techno song, *derp* but it makes me question the direction of the album. How techno is this album going to be? Techno enough for techno to be in the title of a song. Judging by the singles, though, it would have been Perfume’s most mainstream pop record yet. I don’t know what to think anymore.

Concerning the number of tracks – This is exactly, exactly what I wanted from this album. They caved in a released a big album instead of shortening it to the usual 12 tracks, and included every B-side *happy dance of happiness* 575 deserves every ounce of recognition it gets, and deserves to be on the album, and FAKE IT, much like edge, was just too obvious not to be on there.

And that concludes my thoughts on this track list. It is just a track list, though, and a fake-y fake fake one at that, so don’t this post too seriously, mmkay you? Anyway, I’m going to leave you with the full version of GLITTER… Har har. I’m kidding ofc; it’s the sucky, though probably accurate Vocaloid interpretation.

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  1. TokumaSpy says:

    Take you for showing my talents

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