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MELODIES MELODIES I’m sorry. I know I said I was going to start this blog up again… And I really did like it, but I honestly misinterpreted the amount of people who would find this site looking for the… “xxx.” It was getting a little ridiculous, so I’m just going to fix that and go … Continue reading

2.0 Further Updates

Okay, so that last update doesn’t really apply any more. Basically, I haven’t posted for a good long while on this blog, which I am aware of. I haven’t forgotten about it… But I think I’ve become a lot less obnoxiously opinionated. For me, this is a good thing, for my inspiration for writing, it’s … Continue reading

Perfume / chemical love / Trolololol

(LAWL EDIT: JUST LOOK.) (Please keep in mind, this is not an actual release.) A certain Mr. Tokumaspy has been doing his fair share of trolling. He’s leaked a track list for a new Perfume album coming out in our immediate future. After hearing this, you are probably probably shocked and confused, wondering “JAMES, WHY ARE YOU … Continue reading